Ah, the city life!

So, it has been 2 weeks since we first arrived in our new city. In those two weeks, since we are currently sans jobs, we have had the opportunity to explore Seattle and what it has to offer. Well we really haven’t hit the tip of the iceberg, but we have found a few things that we enjoy.

On the first Saturday we were here we walked over to the international fountain at Seattle Center. This fountain is set to music, kind of like the fountains at the Bellagio in Vegas. But this fountain allows people to play in it. It was quite busy today as it was a beautiful sunny day (see above picture).


Not far from the international fountain you can find our new favorite local record shop Easy Street Records. They don’t have Wicked Cheep Cd’s but, they do have $.99 Cd’s, You can’t beat that. The bad thing though is that they have a card they mark off when you buy Cd’s. If you buy enough you get a free CD. That’s just what we need, an excuse to buy more Cd’s!

One thing we found that just seemed completely baffling was the book vending machine.
Yes, the top 3 rows are books while the bottom 2 rows are healthy snacks. Who knew?

Now, moving on the the not so good for you snacks we are fond of, starting with the Top Pot Doughnut shop. I highly recommend the apple fritter, while Tim is more an old fashion glazed kinda guy. Honestly, I don’t think they could make anything taste bad here. We haven’t tried every kind of donut they have, but living only a block away, it will happen. Oh, yes it will!

Ok, so right about now you are thinking to yourself “Wow, one block from those delicious donuts, boy do they have it made.” But wait there’s more…
We found out today there is a cupcake store going into one of the storefronts on the first floor of our apartment building. The yellow leaf cupcake co. will be opening this spring. That means if I need a yummy treat, I just have to walk downstairs. Very dangerous!

With all this scrumptiousness so close to us you may be asking yourself “But Jamie and Tim how will you stay so fit and trim?” That’s easy, we walk everywhere. Not only is it good for the environment, it’s good for us. We’ve been averaging 3 miles a day. We took a walk along the waterfront the other evening at sunset. We passed the “good neighborhood,” with the fancy apartments on the water and walked a total of 5 miles.

This has been a great two weeks and we look forward to more exploration and sharing our finds.

Seattle’s newest citizens,

Jamie & Tim

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