Hello Cleveland!

Woke up this morning in the glorious metropolis of G’Ville, NY. Had a wonderful breakfast of “Nutless” Egg Sandwiches prepared by Chef Howard. Checking the weather forecast, it looked like we were in for a storm that wrapped from Chicago all the way to Boston. Lo and behold, weather forecasters were wrong again, fancy that ?!?!?

The ride was uneventful. Had some drifty snow going through Rochester, but nothing more than that. We stopped in Buffalo for a bite. We didn’t want to hit any of the tourist traps like The Anchor Bar, so we opted for the Arby’s at the Walden Galleria Mall.

We headed out after walking around the mall for a little bit and noticed that we needed to get gas. There in the distance, shone a beacon of hope to fill our tank, a plethora of petroleum, a bastion known as:


?????…We didn’t really stop there, but we thought it was funny to find a place where you could theoretically, lube up your insides and your car at the same time.

As we were passing Cleveland on our way to Elyria, OH…we wanted to stop in at the Rock n’ Roll Hall Of Fame & Museum. We put the address into LisaLisa (no Cult Jam) and she told us that we were only 15 minutes away. When we arrived at the building (I M Pei design, BTW) we looked around for parking and a sign said that we could park at the adjacent Science Center/Cleveland Browns Stadium. Not wanting to pay for parking, we made an illegal u-turn and parked at a parking meter that swallowed 2 bucks in quarters. Walking around the museum was really cool. We got to see a lot of memorabilia that you don’t see in The Hard Rock Cafe. Mostly clothing and hand-written lyrics. Some of the neater things were the rejection letters from record companies that U2 got and 1 of the 2 reel-ro-reel machines that was used to record The Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper” album.

We went to the gift shop and bought a sticker for our table, after that we headed on to Elyria, OH, where our lodging for the night was to be. The room is nice. It has a microwave, a refrigerator, a bed and the usual things that a hotel room would have. Dinner was a treat as we went to Bob Evans. With the millions of dollars that they spent on the print marketing of their latest mastication…the Bob-Burrito, how was I to refuse? Imagine a “meat-lovers omelette” hugged by a warm flour tortilla…not suitable for driving, but you can operate heavy machinery after consuming. We capped the night off with some delicious pie.

Catch our next post and we’ll tell you why there’s absolutely nothing to do in Madison, WI.


From the road,


Tim & Jamie (Elyria, OH)

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