During my commute to and from work (and by commute I mean 8 block walk), I have notice some strange behaviors from the city folk. Maybe I just don’t get it because I have not lived in a city for very long, so if my city dwelling friend have any incite into this please share.

First observation, reading while walking to and from work. OK, I can understand why everyone wears headphones when out and about. Personally, I do this so I can pretend not to hear all the panhandlers in the streets, but I would find reading quite difficult. How would you not walk into someone? I would thinkthis also makes it harder to dodge cyclists. Which brings me to my next observation…

Why on earth would anyone ride a bike while wearing sandals and a dress? Now perhaps the sandal thing only drives me crazy because both Tim and I have suffered some pretty nasty foot/leg injuries on bicycles, but I can’t see how anyone could navigate the hilly streets of the Emerald City with out wearing cycling shoes or at least sneakers. Take it from someone who has crushed her foot in the fork of a bike and for goodness sake please change your shoes. And while your at it change out of those dresses. Every business here encourages their employees to find a more Eco-friendly way to commute, so most places provide a locker room of sorts so you can shower and change. Trust me you will feel way more comfortable riding in proper attire. Or, at least wear bike shorts under the dress, it does get rather breezy around here ladies.

Last but not least, it’s good to be friends with the guys who own the Yellow Leaf Cupcake Co. downstairs. They let me in a half hour before they open so I can get a cup of Delicious herbal tea on my way to work, and they always let me sample the new cupcake flavors they are trying out. In return I am trying to drum up business for them by always using my yellow leaf travel mug and I brought cupcakes into the office which was a big hit.


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