Sunny Seattle

Like every good Seattllite we have learned that on the days it is not raining, one must take full advantage of the shining sun. Without having to travel far from home, we have found the following outdoor activities most enjoyable:

Olympic Sculpture Park

The park is run by the Seattle Art Museum and is free to the public. It offers incredible views of the Puget Sound and Mt. Rainier while it showcases some beautiful works of art. I like to think of it as my backyard, even though it is roughly 8 blocks a way.

If you have walked through the park or taken the free tour of the park (at noon on Saturday & Sunday) and you feel like you could walk a bit further, there is a walking and bike trail that starts where the park tour ends. How convenient!

The trails start at the eye benches shown in the picture above and continues north for 2 miles right along the Puget Sound. There are spots along the trail where you can walk into the water or you can sit on a park bench an take in the view.

Harbor Tour

If being out on the water on a sunny day is more your thing, we can recommend a harbor tour.

The tour is an hour long and costs $15-$19 depending on the season. It takes you on a tour of Seattle as seen from the Puget Sound. Some of the views are just incredible.


You may also meet some new friends on the open sea:

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