Searching for Uncle Joe

To Mom & Dad:

In preparation for your trip to The Emerald City, we thought we would make your stay more amenable with the above-shown bottle of Tio Pepe. Now, that being said, your attempts to thwart our pursuit for this supposedly banned / non-imported beverage have been foiled. Whilst walking around Seattle this afternoon we happened upon an Italian grocery store in Pike Place Market. Did they have it? No. But they did have some nice things, nothing that we decided to buy, but nice nonetheless. However, the tale doesn’t end here…they did tell us that we should go to The Spanish Table down the street to see if they had it. 
Arriving at The Spanish Table we asked to be pointed in the direction of their sherries. We were shown over to “The Wall of Sherry”. Glancing around the different bottles and labels we couldn’t find it until the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s Messiah shone a light on the bottle we thought we were looking for. There in all of it’s glory was a $25 bottle of Tio Pepe (yes, the very bottle you claim to not be in existence). Then we thought about this alcoholic “Holy Grail” and decided that it was too much to spend…besides, it was Kosher for Passover (really, it was!). Noticing that there was a cheaper bottle next to it (cue Hallelujah Chorus), and the same size, we were about to pick that bottle up…but my arm started to feel heavy as I lunged forward to grab the $18 bottle of Tio Pepe. It was as if a higher power (my wallet) was stopping me from becoming one with the elixir. All of a sudden I found myself reaching for the $10 bottle of Tio Pepe and as I wrapped my nimble fingers around its neck, I heard a sigh coming from my left pocket. 
It now sits in our fridge waiting for your arrival. 
Tim & Jamie
P.S. We’re starting a tab on your visit and you’re already at $10
P.P.S. If Bram & Lou come before you and drink the Tio Pepe, you still owe us the $10