Touchdown Jesus and Why Ohio Sucks

We got up early this morning and looked out the window to see an inch of snow already on the ground. Turned on the news to see the worst morning news program ever to air. Eventually getting the info we needed, we headed out. The snow was drifting all over the road. No accumulation, but windy nonetheless.
We made some good time with Jamie driving in the morning. Saw our first triple-trailer UPS truck (it was like driving next to a small train).
When it was time to switch, we were looking for a place to stop so we pulled into Notre Dame. The wind was picking up and the snow was coming down a little heavier, but I was able to snap a pic of Touchdown Jesus (above). I took over the driving and things were getting a little easier. Quite a few trucks travel this way and we saw a couple of accidents (one of them had a 6-mile backup!)
Apart from the fact that we already made it to another time zone and we hadn’t eaten a thing since 7 in the morning. Jamie wanted to stop at a deep dish pizza joint called Minetti’s that she saw on Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations”. We put it into the GPS and it couldn’t find anything by that name. Admitting defeat, Howard and the interwebs came to the rescue. The place was called Burt’s Place. Minetti’s…Burt’s Place…same thing. Dropped the address in our GPS and we were on our way to a nice sit-down lunch at a place we saw on TV…or so we thought. We found the place no problem. It was 1 o’clock and we were starving. Got into the restaurant, sat ourselves, and Burt’s wife came in and asked if we called ahead.

“Called ahead?” we asked.
“Yeah, we leave the place at 1:30 and we’ll be back at 4:30, you guys local?”
“Not exactly. Boston.”
“We can do a pick-up for you,” she offered.
“That would be great!” And before we could finish, Burt came out of the kitchen bellowing, “NO MORE ORDERS”
“I’ll see what I can do. He can be a grump sometimes.”

Twenty minutes went by. We read the paper. Looked at the old radios and other memorabilia that adorned the walls. Think Applebees, but authentic. The pizza came out hot, fresh and in a bag. We drove about a mile down the road to get some bubble tea. So, we sat in the parking lot and ate the pizza. BTW, the pizza was pretty good!
The weather was pretty good too. So we decided to take advantage of the good weather and move past Madison, WI (told you there was nothing good there). We ended up in Wisconsin Dells, WI. A popular spot with the casino crowd, Ho-Chunk Casino is nearby. Some other resort-like places, but that seems to be about it.

Why Ohio Sucks…We have travelled almost 1,200 miles in 3 days through 7 states. Ohio is the only one that doesn’t take EZ-PASS! I would understand if they had their own system for taking tolls, but they don’t. You have to stop and get a ticket. When you pay, you’re conversing with someone with a heartbeat! There is one reason why Ohio doesn’t suck…this lovely pic we snapped in Bryan, OH.

From the road,

Tim & Jamie (Wisconsin Dells, WI)

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